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Slideshows are great for taking random photos or events and creating a story to share with everyone. Over the years we collect pictures that sit in a box waiting to be scrapbooked or put in a photo album. Often our busy lives get in the way of starting or completing the project. We offer custom slideshow packages designed for any budget so you can check that project off your list.
Slideshows can also make unique gifts and will leave a lasting impression. They are great for Weddings, Funerals, Reunions, Photo Montages, Anniversaries, Events or Corporate Meetings.
Do you have a child who is in performing arts or sports? Gather your pictures and collect pictures from other parents in your organization. Then upload your photos in a KC Creative Design shared folder and let us create your child’s or team’s highlights montage to share with everyone on the team.
Slideshow package options include:
Photos and video
Post production editing for photos and videos
Photo restoration and touch ups
Text or narration
Scrapbook slides