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Tucson Real Estate Photography

Price it right and it will sell!!! That is the motto I hear all the time from realtors. There is a lot of truth to that! When we were in the market for a home we set our price range into our search pages and then looked at the results. Price will get your listing on the page but the pictures will encourage the buyers to look closer or pass it by.

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There were multitudes of homes that we passed on based on how they looked in pictures. Ironically, the house we ended up with has some of the worst pictures we've ever seen. In fact, they were so bad we passed on looking at the house for 4 months. We finally decided to take a look at it because we were literally driving by on our way from one house to another and had some extra time. We asked our realtor to take a quick look. The wait worked out for us since the price dropped almost $40K while we waited.
Do you want this to be your client’s story? Could your potential buyers be passing on a house due to bad pictures? Or putting it lower in the list because the pictures were not enticing enough or didn't highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the home? Professional pictures will not sell your listings for you but they will give you an edge when buyers are looking at hundreds of homes with pictures that are less inspiring.
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