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Tucson Drone Real Estate/Commercial Services

    Package 2: $165 plus driving fee. 5 scene daylight video (1min +)
    Package 3: $295 plus driving fee. Indoor/ Outdoor Property Video - EMOTIONAL REACTION GUARANTEED (2min +)
    Package 4: $550 Plus driving fee. Indoor/ Outdoor Property Video -recommended for listing over $2M - EMOTIONAL REACTION GUARANTEED (3min +)
    Add-on 1: Applies to packages 3-5: + $40. BRANDED VIDEO VERSION: Agent
    Add-on 2: Applies to packages 3-5 : +$65. AGENT/PROPERTY FEATURE: Agent describes property on video
    Add-on 3: Applies to packages 3-5: + $65 per location. Video of neighborhood amenities (such as gym, park, country club) to be included in P3-5
    **Driving Fee: 50c per mile 2 ways from the intersection of CAMPBELL Rd and RIVER Rd.