Newborn Portraits

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is the photo shoot?

The photo shoot normally lasts up to two hours to allow for nursing and diaper and outfit changes in order to create a relaxed atmosphere for baby and mother.

  1. When should we schedule our photo shoot?

We recommend that you call us and schedule a month or more before your due date.  We will mark our calendar with your due date and look forward to hearing from you when your baby has arrived.  Of course you can always schedule after your baby is born too.

  1. When should my newborn photo shoot take place?

We typically photograph babies between 5-7 days old.  

  1. Can my husband and I be in the picture? How about siblings?

We always encourage parents and siblings to participate if they are available.  We can do capture images of just baby if that is what you want too.

5. Do I have to be in the photos? I don’t think I want to be photographed 10 days after having my baby.

You don’t have to… But I strongly recommend it. I always tell my clients that when you look at your childhood photos with your mom, you don’t really care what she looks like (double chin or not. it’s pretty awesome having a photo with your mom holding you when you were just a tiny newborn!).
Also, photographing you with a black shirt over a black background helps a little. And we can always discuss a little post-production editing to help you feel good about the pictures.

  1. Can we use a special blanket?

We absolutely encourage you to bring a favorite baby blanket or afghan from home to use in the shoot. A beautiful blanket can add texture, color and memories to your newborn's photos.

  1. What about props and accessories?

We have variety of creative props and accessories for your baby including bows, hats, ties or tutus. We are always adding to our collection so that every photo shoot can be unique for you and your little one. If you have any prop, accessories or special keepsake, like a family quilt, that you would like to use we welcome that too. You can rest comfortably knowing that before your photo shoot we will clean everything that will come in contact with your precious little one with hypoallergenic baby detergent.

  1. How can I prepare for the shoot?

We love to include mom and dad's hands in our photos. Wear clear or neutral nail polish on the day of your shoot. Distracting jewelry should be removed; your baby should be the focus of the photos.

Bring a dark-colored shirt to wear in the photos; we may photograph your baby in your arms and solid/dark colors look great in both color and black-and-white prints.

9. My mom/dad/sister/cousin is staying with us, can he/she be in a couple of pictures?
Also, can we take some pictures of my baby with our Dog?

Not a problem! We do recommend to keep it to a minimal number of shots. We already have a lot to accomplish during our session, which is why we try to minimize our time with extended family.

We are happy to give it an honest try when it comes to having photos with your newborn and your dog. Usually it’s not a problem, but please understand that I do not know your dog and much of it depends on his/her personality and how comfortable you are having them close to the baby. We can also do shots where the dog isn’t directly next to the baby but is still in the shot.

10. Can you tell me your pricing? How much are your extra prints?

Sure! It’s all online! We are very proud of the value of our sessions. We are unique in that we try to make professional photography affordable.  You pay upfront for the time & talent of the photographer and the number of images for each package is included.  When your session is completed, you may decide to order additional images and you may decide to add on post production editing.

Please visit the Newborn Photography page on my website to see current pricing and packages.

  1. Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! It is a wonderful gift to give an expectant family.  Recipients are always extremely grateful.  It’s a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime!

  1. My baby is in the NICU, can I still have a photo shoot?

Yes, of course.  We are familiar with the delicate nature of hospitals having had my daughter in the PICU for several months and would be honored to help your capture this special time.  You will need to let your nurse know you will have your photographer in during hospital visiting hours and confirm that we are allowed prior to our session. The session will be completed as soon as permission to photograph is received.