Invest in yourself and get a professional photo that you deserve.


Tips for Business Card Photos

Ladies, makeup is very important in a photo shoot. If you normally wear makeup, be sure to apply more coverage than usual for everyday use. A good rule of thumb when applying makeup for a photo shoot is to apply it like you would when you are going out to a fancy dinner. If you do not normally wear makeup and don’t have any available, it is highly recommended that an appointment be made to get your makeup professionally done. Wearing more makeup does not mean you will look fake or unnatural. Both bright sunlight and the studio lights used in a photo shoot can be harsh and make skin look washed out or dull. The right makeup will absorb the light better and result in a more natural looking photo.

Are you taking the picture inside, outside, or both?

If you are taking an inside photo, take into consideration the color of the backdrop and wear colors that will complement or contrast the backdrop. If you are taking the photo outside; ask yourself, what kind of setting(s) will be behind you? Wearing green while standing in front of a green plant will blend in too much, the same for some browns with a desert background. You do not want parts of your body to be lost in the background.

Many of the photo’s we take are used for either a website or to be put into a flyer, magazine ad or similar marketing pieces. If your website background is black, avoid using a dark backdrop.  Consider using a contrast color for the backdrop, so that your photo doesn’t blend into your website background; your photo will stand out better.

Do not wear clothes that are too tight and will make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Try on your outfit(s) days prior to the day of your photo shoot, this will allow you time to make other choices.

Avoid showing parts of your body that you do not consider flattering. For example, if you are self-conscious about your arms, it may be a good idea to wear a top with either long sleeves or mid-length sleeves. Stay away from clothes with logos or a lot of patterns since they will draw attention away from the centerpiece of the photo, you!  Certain clothing can date the photograph.

Please make sure that you get your hair done before your photo shoot. It is very difficult and time consuming to fix hair in post-production. Make your appointment with your favorite hair dresser as soon as you book your photo shoot.

Practice your facial expressions in the mirror. We all have things we like or would like to change on ourselves. For example, I had a photo shoot where the person I was shooting was self-conscious about one of her eyes closing when she smiled, so an adjustment in the photo was made to fix as much as possible in post-production (which can be costly when editing a photo). Practicing in the mirror helps you figure out how large the smile can get before the eye starts to close.

Have fun and enjoy yourself. Photo sessions should be fun and feel good. It would be a good idea to do an internet search for images of professional business photos to get a good idea of the different looks, poses, and styles. Make a list of the things you like and those you definitely do not like about other pictures and communicate your desired style with your photographer.

Tips for Photo Shoots with Children

Avoid having pictures taken during regular nap times or during meal times. It will be easier on the children when their naps and food times are not interrupted.

Bring some comfortable clothes for the little ones to change into between shots.

Please do not forget their favorite blankets, stuffed animals, and toys. Having comfort items will help them relax and allows for a more natural photo as well as some fun pictures with their favorite items.

Tips for Family Photo Shoots

For larger families, over four family members, book two separate sessions.  This will make it easier on the children, especially for individual picture sets.  Remember to avoid having pictures taken during regular nap times or during meal times. It will be easier on the children when their naps and food times are not interrupted.

Agree on the clothing, makeup and jewelry in advance of the photo shoot, especially when additional family members are involved. Make sure that everyone plans in advance. Know what clothing to wear and that it fits properly days prior to the day of the photo shoot.  Planning will contribute to the success of your photo.